University of Newcastle researchers are exploring new ways to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and ease the flow-on effects of the Australian Government’s carbon tax.

The team of researchers led by Associate Professor Michael Stockenhuber, is exploring more efficient and safer methods of ventilation air methane (VAM) oxidization – a technique used to destroy methane in the exhaust air released from underground coal mine shafts.

Funded by the Australian Coal Research Limited / Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP), this groundbreaking research will design a combustion technology that will drastically reduce the harmful gases emitted by Australia’s coal mining industry.

Various methods used to combust VAM have previously been tested, proven and demonstrated, however the high temperature used in some techniques results in limited energy efficiency and safety hazards such as explosions.

To address these risks, Associate Professor Stockenhuber and his team including Professors Bogdan Dlugogorski and Eric Kennedy, are testing the same techniques using a lower temperature and better control over the methane oxidation.

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