The University of Newcastle has taken delivery of a vital piece of medical research equipment that allows cancer researchers to rapidly translate research from the bench to the bedside.

The NanoPro 1000 is all about breaking new ground in cancer treatments.

One of our leading cancer researchers, Dr Rick Thorne, believes the data able to be collected from this machine – analysed from very small biopsy samples – could hold the key to extending life for some cancer sufferers.

The $300,000 NanoPro combines existing technology to analyse cells in proteins and DNA, allowing the discovery of novel biomarkers and specific protein changes found in cancer cells. It is the only one of its kind in Australasia.

The results will be used to improve the effectiveness of current cancer treatments.

The Ramaciotti Foundation and Hunter Medical Research Institute funded the NanoPro and the University of Newcastle has employed a dedicated technical officer.

The machine will be used by research teams investigating cancers including melanoma, breast cancer and leukaemia.