The joy of singing and the power of music are close to Chinese student Shu Hung Kwan’s heart.

The 24-year-old dreams of one day becoming a singer and “bringing the sound of joy to people”.

Shu Hung holds an associate degree in music from the Hong Kong Institute of Education, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the University today. 

The friendly nature of the Newcastle community has left a lasting impression on Shu Hung.

“Since I came to Newcastle I have met a lot of very kind people. The teachers at Newcastle are great, thoughtful and take care of the students, so I adjusted to university life very quickly,” he said.

Studying in Newcastle has also offered Shu Hung several unique experiences, including the opportunity to join the University’s Chamber Choir and travel overseas to participate in choral competitions.

“Singing in the Chamber Choir was a great experience. We competed at the Australian National Eisteddfod in Canberra, winning the Australian Open Choir Championship. We also brought home three silver medals from the World Choir Games in Cincinnati.”

During the World Games campaign, the Chamber Choir’s conductor Dr Phillip Matthias invited Shu Hung to be a soloist. He also conducted the choir at the United Nations headquarters general assembly hall during the USA tour, fuelling his aspirations to become a choral conductor.

Shu Hung will undertake his masters to further his knowledge of music.

Shu Hung Kwan graduated with a Bachelor of Music at the Faculty of Education and Arts ceremony today.

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