The Alumni Medal was established in 1987, and is awarded to a graduate with an outstanding record of professional excellence in leadership, knowledge and/or professional practice.

Senior Staff Specialist in Neurology, John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle       Associate Professor in Medicine, Faculty of Health, University of Newcastle Director, HMRI Stroke Research Program
Bachelor of Medicine (1992)

Faculty of Health

Clinical neurologist Mark Parsons, senior staff specialist at John Hunter Hospital, is a rare breed – not only a highly regarded researcher, but also a clinically experienced neurologist with specialist training in cutting-edge brain imaging technologies.

Mark is Director of the Hunter Medical Research Institute‘s Stroke Research Program and founder of the John Hunter’s Stroke Imaging Research Laboratory.

His internationally recognised work in thrombolysis (clot-dissolving) treatment aims to reduce irreversible damage to brain tissue in the 48 hours following a stroke. His pioneering research into the application of advanced brain imaging to identify salvageable brain tissue adds new and exciting management options for stroke patients.

Mark’s award-winning work developing an ambulance protocol in the Hunter region for rapid identification, prehospital notification and transport of patients to a specialist stroke centre has resulted in 21 per cent of patients receiving thrombolytic therapy.

Mark was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 1999 and was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy in 2003.