Speaking on behalf of the NSW Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (NSWVCC), the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Newcastle, Professor Caroline McMillen, today welcomed the NSW Government’s decision to provide transport concessions for international students.

The program, which will be reviewed after 12 months, provides travel concessions for international students for public transport through a system available in 90 day and annual passes.

“NSW universities have long argued for the re-introduction of transport concessions for international students on the grounds of equity and safety,” Professor McMillen said.

“Travel concessions for international students also recognise their significant contribution to the NSW economy, and ensure the state remains an attractive travel and study destination.”

Transport concessions for international students are provided by every other Australian state except Victoria.

“NSW, with its highly regarded world-class universities, attracts the greatest number of international students of any state in Australia.

“These students go on to be either productive members of our state, or become future leaders of business or government, and ambassadors for our universities and Australia in their own countries,” Professor McMillen said.

“Australia and NSW have long benefited from our engagement with international students, and we welcome this practical measure to enable the students to make the most of their opportunities while in NSW.”

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