The University of Newcastle thanks the Newcastle Business Club for recognising the institution in its annual awards.

The Newcastle Business Club Awards recognise an individual and a company/organisation each year that has made a significant contribution toward the improvement of industry, culture, education, sport or the overall wellbeing or commonweal of the citizens of Newcastle.

This is what the Business Club President Daniel Quinn had to say about the University:

The ability of Hunter based business to be competitive on the international and a national stage is one of the region’s greatest strengths.

World class education in the many fields that business pursues has been critical to this competitiveness and time and again business leaders look to the University of Newcastle to provide this advantage.

The University of Newcastle’s teaching and learning environment is widely recognised as cutting-edge, providing opportunities to some 35,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The University’s progressive teaching and learning is illustrated through its innovative problem-based learning, so valued by business.

The University’s standing as one of the top 10 Australian universities for research is also much valued by business which have benefitted from co-operative programs that have helped produce competitive advantage.

In a world challenged by the need for greater sustainability few regions must meet such change as dramatically and quickly as the Hunter. The University’s strong international reputation in innovative research, particularly in areas contributing to sustainability in energy, biodiversity, and the environment, is providing considerable opportunity.

The commonweal of the region is consistently enhanced by the contribution of the University, its leaders, its educators, its graduates and its Alumni.