The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline McMillen, thanked the University community today for the care and support they have provided to a member of the community who was camping on the University campus because he had not gained entry to the course of his choice.

Professor McMillen in particular thanked the staff and students of the Wollotuka Institute who have offered support and hospitality to the young man in recent days.

After flying in from overseas last night, the Vice-Chancellor met with the young man today and spoke about his options and hopes for the future. Together, they established a positive way forward that would help him to meet his academic aspirations.

The University remains firm that as always entry to a course at the University is based on an applicant meeting the academic admission criteria.

The Vice-Chancellor expressed her strong disappointment on the actions taken by the student organisation, NUSA, which inflamed a sensitive situation through the circulation of misleading, incorrect and vexatious information. These actions seriously impacted the appropriate and timely resolution of this situation.

“The actions taken by NUSA in this and in a series of other matters show a lack of respect for the privacy and confidentiality of students, and a lack of concern of the impact of this on a student’s future professional reputation.

“The University has asked the President of NUSA, Ms Heather Richards, to engage in a discussion around a Charter between the University and NUSA to protect the interests and privacy of students at the University of Newcastle.

“We look forward to a positive engagement with NUSA in the future to ensure that the University and NUSA work together to support the best interests of our students.”