Hollywood cinema has exploded into the digital world with computer wizards creating magical ways to wow the audience through on-screen special visual effects.

The University of Newcastle’s Singapore Communication and Media lecturer Dr Rama Venkatasawmy explores how digitization has been changing the face of Hollywood movies.

Dr Venkatasawmy’s new book, The Digitization of Cinematic Visual Effects: Hollywood’s Coming of Age, has just been released in the United States.

The book analyses how the Hollywood cinema industry’s digital visual effects applications have not only motivated the expansion of filmmaking processes but have also influenced the evolution of film viewing experience.

In his book, Dr Venkatasawmy explains how cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship have been responsible for multiplying the ways of telling stories on-screen as well as the range of stories that can be told. He also discusses how the visual standards of the Hollywood film’s production and exhibition have been growing in sophistication as a result of digitization.

The book also portrays how Hollywood’s entry into the digital realm is intertwined with the strengthening of practices within the movie business, with constant innovation in the domain of techno-scientific research and development in filmmaking, and with the fusion of corporate media, information technology and entertainment.

Dr Rama Venkatasawmy has been working for the University at the Singapore presence since mid 2011 and is currently researching communication and media-related key concepts for a new publication.

Copies of Dr Venkatasawmy’s book The Digitization of Cinematic Visual Effects: Hollywood’s Coming of Age can be ordered online through Amazon or the publisher Rowman & Littlefield.