How would you like technology to help you maintain a healthy weight management plan for your family?

University of Newcastle researchers are inviting parents with children aged 4-18 years to get involved and have their say about what they want from a healthy lifestyle program designed specifically for families.

“Today’s families are busy and if a parent is concerned about their child’s weight or their eating habits, it’s hard for them to take time off work to visit health professionals, or even know who to consult, to get the right advice,” lead researcher, Dr Tracy Burrows, said.

“We are developing a healthy lifestyle program that will use technologies like the Internet and smartphones to deliver support and advice to parents.

“We want to know what parents think about this new approach; and what they’re currently doing to manage their child’s weight so that we can deliver the most effective program. We invite parents to fill out a short online survey.”

For further information or to participate, click here.