Opinion article* published in The Conversation written by Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at University of Newcastle, Clare Collins.

Weight-loss ads and television shows regularly profile people who have transformed their lives through major losses of 30 kilograms or more. These weight-loss ambassadors try to inspire us to do the same by telling us they feel more alive, they can play with their kids and their confidence has grown – now they can fit into a size ten dress.

These messages are echoed by health promotion agencies that encourage us to fight the obesity epidemic – and the rise of chronic diseases – by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Major weight loss certainly sounds like a good plan if you’re overweight or obese and serious about improving your health. But the reality is it’s incredibly difficult to lose 30 kg, and even if you do, it’s even harder to keep off in the long term.

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* Opinion pieces represent the author’s views.