Would you like to see your short film screened on to Watt Street’s buildings?
In celebration of the launch of City Evolutions, budding filmmakers are invited to create a 90 second short film around the theme of the ‘The Evolution of Newcastle’. City Evolutions is a landmark contemporary art project featuring a series of interactive light installations developed by UoN researchers.

How you choose to demonstrate Newcastle’s evolution is up to you: How do you think Newcastle has changed (or even stayed the same) over the years? What are your memories of Newcastle as a youngster? Are there any personalities, places or events that have shaped Newcastle?

Entries close Monday, June 17
For further details on terms and conditions and entry details, visit here.

Friday, June 21 from 5pm.
Live music, great food, street performers and more.
The street lights will continue from sunset to 10pm every night for a year.

City Evolutions is an initiative of The City of Newcastle and Newcastle Now in partnership with the University of Newcastle, with funding support from the Department of Energy, Resources and Tourism and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.