Hello from Lindau, Germany! I am here as one of the Australian Delegates at the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting. 13 young Australian researchers have been sent here on fellowships from the Australian Academy of Science, sponsored by the Science Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF). My new Pink hair is already working, as all the conference organisers recognized me from my pre-conference tweets, and so I felt like a VIP upon arrival!

Lindau is an island on Lake Constance in the south of Germany. This is the beautiful view that greeted us getting off the train.

photo 1

Over the next seven days there will be a veritable festival of science. 65 winners of Nobel Prize winners (medicine & physiology, chemistry, physics, literature and peace) will be giving presentations, holding panel discussions and master-classes with 651 young scientists from 88 countries.

My big week kicked off tonight with the “Summer festival of Science” 50 young researchers from the meeting were invited to this pre-conference event by the German Minister for Research and Education, Johanna Wanka.

It seemed one representative was chosen from each country for this special event, which included a boat trip across Lake Constance and a reception at historic Monfort Castle.

photo 2

I met my first Nobel Laureates for the meeting and it was not scary at all! Martin Chalfie (Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Green Fluorescent Proteins) gave us some great career advice (include a small research proposal in any post-doctoral job application, whether they asked for it or not), and I had an good discussion with WE Moerner (Nobel Prize in Chemistry for super-resolved fluorescent microscopy) on interdisciplinary research (it’s all just research, sometimes the tags get in the way). Here’s me and some other delegates with Laureate John Hall (Nobel Prize in Physics for the optical frequency comb technique).

photo 3

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Emma Beckett is a PhD Candidate in Food Science at the Human Molecular Nutrition Laboratory, School of Environmental and Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle at our Ourimbah campus.