Emma Beckett is a PhD Candidate in Food Science at the Human Molecular Nutrition Laboratory, School of Environmental and Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle at our Ourimbah campus. She is in Lindau, Germany, to attend the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting and this is part three of her blog.

Today I found out I was one of six young researchers chosen to take part in a documentary being made about the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureates conference.

Nature Communications interviewed me for the documentary, but even more excitingly I interviewed Ada Yonath (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) – the crystallographer who determined the structure of the ribosome (a piece of cellular machinery that turns RNA into protein).

Ada Yonath - Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Ada Yonath – Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Ada is Israeli and almost broke my heart explaining that the reason she believes Israel produces so many brilliant scientists, artists and musicians is that ‘knowledge and skill are something that no other man can ever take away from you’, and she believes this resonates with those of Jewish descent.

Today I also had lunch with Pamela Mars (of Mars Foods) and Howard Yana-Shapiro the global director of plant science and research at Mars Foods. Tomorrow I will be up early to participate in the panel discussion on feeding the world, which is sponsored by Mars Foods.

Several Nobel Laureates presented plenary sessions and discussion groups today. Stefan Hell РNobel Prize winner in Chemistry for developing super resolved fluorescent microscopy Рdemonstrated why you should never just accept the convention. He challenged an equation that was literally set in stone.

day 3 photo 2

Optical scientist Ernst Abbe’s memorial featuring his formula for the resolution limit of the microscope

At dinner this evening, I got to meet three other young female researchers who I met over Twitter prior to the conference. Once again proof that social media can help to build real relationships in science. (Follow Emma @synapse101 and @uni_newcastle)

Real friendships founded in social media.