OPINION: Regional communities will take back control

Opinion article* published in The Age written by Dr Jeff McGee and Ann Apps at the University of Newcastle. Recent announcements by Holden and Toyota of manufacturing plant shutdowns in Geelong and Adelaide are stark reminders of how little control regional communities have over their economic and social futures in a globalised world. Corporate managers [...]

OPINION: Food Facts & Furphies

Opinion article* published in Australasian Science written by Professor Clare Collins at the University of Newcastle. New diet fads and furphies seem to appear every day. While some of these have a scientific basis, for others the science has changed in response to new discoveries or the science is just not there yet. “I took [...]

OPINION: Can a diagnosis make you sick?

International health expert and University of Newcastle Adjunct Professor David Henry provides a preview of what to expect at his  public lecture on the subject of ‘Overdiagnosis’ this evening: Overdiagnosis addresses the impact of new sensitive diagnostic tests in the diagnosis of disease that in the past may have been missed or overlooked. New tests, [...]

OPINION: Good sports don’t need all that booze

Opinion article published in the Newcastle Herald by Professor John Wiggers, Dr Luke Wolfenden and Melanie Kingsland, of the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle.

IN Australia, one in four people are members of, or participate in, community sport. Community sports clubs make an important contribution to our way of life, providing an opportunity for physical activity, recreation, social interaction, volunteering, and social cohesion for young and old alike.

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