ANZAC: Her Story

Maud Butler was so desperate to be part of World War 1 she disguised herself as a soldier and stowed away on a boat headed for Egypt.

The fascinating story of the Kurri Kurri woman is just one being explored as part of University of Newcastle historian, Associate Professor Victoria Haskins’ new research project.

Benefits-based fees plan under attack

BY TIM DODD THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW OCTOBER 22, 2012 The controversial call by the Grattan Institute think tank for students to pay more for university degrees has been challenged by one of the authors of the federal government’s review of higher education funding. Professor Louise Watson of the University of Canberra criticises the Grattan [...]

Is $6bn a year on degree subsidies justified?

BY TIM DODD THE AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW OCTOBER 22, 2012 Who would have thought universities would be so allergic to the spirit of critical inquiry? More than two months ago, Andrew Norton of the Grattan Institute released his Graduate Winners paper questioning whether the government should subsidise the cost of university degrees that lead to [...]

From the VC’s Desk – Issue 5 2012

Response to the Grattan Institute report Graduate Winners – Assessing the public and private benefits of higher education At the University of Newcastle, we are clear that broad access to a high quality university education is the key to a stronger Australian workforce, economy and society. In turn, these are all important contributors to establishing [...]