OPINION: Health Check: the untrue story of antioxidants vs free radicals

Opinion article* published in The Conversation written by By Emma Beckett, University of Newcastle and Mark Lucock, University of Newcastle. Antioxidants are a commonly promoted feature of health foods and supplements. They’re portrayed as the good forces that fight free radicals – nasty molecules causing damage thought to hasten ageing and cause chronic diseases. The [...]

Jeff Julian Creative Director Innovation: Futurist and Hollywood A-lister

Internationally renowned concept designer Jeff Julian has been appointed Creative Director for Research and Innovation Clusters at the University of Newcastle. Jeff will also be special guest speaker at DiG Festival where he will talk about how the Clusters will serve as a one-stop shop for business and the community to access the University’s world-leading expertise across a spectrum of new creative industries.

DiG Festival Speaker – Technology that treads danger to save lives

World-leading vehicle technology researcher at the University of Newcastle, Associate Professor Tristan Perez, says we are on the verge of widespread use of intelligent autonomous vehicles (IAV) for border patrol, rapid emergency response, search and rescue, bushfire and flood monitoring, and early detection of threats to national assets. Appearing at the inaugural Design, Interactive Technology [...]

Chikukwa Documentary: Permaculture farming generates food surplus in Africa

Dr Terry Leahy, senior lecturer, University of Newcastle and his documentary-making sister, Associate Professor Gillian Leahy of the University of Technology Sydney, travelled to Zimbabwe in 2010 and saw how the use of permaculture changed the degraded landscape into a lush paradise that produces food. “Where once the 7,000 people of the Chikukwa villages suffered [...]

DiG Festival Speaker – Dead Centre of Town: The academic story behind City Evolutions

When city evolutions illuminated Newcastle’s east end earlier this year it was apparent that something exceptional had arrived. The brainchild of creative geniuses Chris Tucker and Mario Minichiello, City Evolutions is bringing research into the public domain in the form of a world-class interactive art project. Tucker and Minichiello, both based at the University of [...]

DiG Festival Speaker – Father of solar paint offers hope of free household electricity

World-renowned physicist, Professor Paul Dastoor, says Australia is on the threshold of free household power, with his development of an energy system based on solar cells that can be printed – and ultimately painted – onto surfaces like roofs, walls, or even windows. He will share his ground breaking research at the inaugural Design, Interactive Technology [...]