Tip of the week – highlight your strengths

Highlights are a fantastic feature of our new web site and are used to highlight the efforts of our world-class researchers.

It is a standard web page connected to a researcher’s profile and can include text, images, galleries, embedded videos and social media feeds. See a highlight example with the works.

For researchers who don’t have a highlight already connected to their profile, they will need to submit a request in the Web Support Portal to get one set up. However, for publishers, there is a simple and effective way to showcase a selection of researcher highlights connected to your area on your web pages. This is through the use of a highlight widget.

highlight example

This little blue box sits in the right-hand column of your page and can hold up to five highlights.

We have recently made some improvements to the way publishers add highlights to a widget, and will be running a workshop on Wednesday 5 February from 10 to 11am at the Huxley library. Register a place in the highlights workshop.

If you can’t make it along to the workshop and would like to know how to add a highlight to a widget, you can view an updated how-to guide.

About the author

My background is in writing and editing for print and online, and my last position was deputy editor of a national magazine and editor of their website. During my time at the magazine, I developed a variety of skill in a fast-paced environment - which was a fantastic experience. However, I love being in the inspiring environment that is the university’s Callaghan campus and I am thoroughly enjoying contributing to the talented team of people looking after the new website.

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    • Jessie Reid

      Hi Jodie,

      Thank you for your comment! The highlight widget pulls through an article connected to a researcher’s profile – so if there is a specific researcher connected to the work of the BOLD lab it would work great. Otherwise a feature widget or news widget might work for BOLD instead. You can see how-to guides for features and news in the Web Support Portal at web.newcastle.edu.au.


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