Opinion article* published in the Newcastle Herald co-authored by Professor Scott Holmes, Professor of Public Policy, and Sam Bright, a research officer, from the University of Newcastle.

It seems that right now school education is a growing topic of public debate and interest. 

Recent announcements by both the federal and NSW state governments indicate concern with the quality of those entering the teaching profession.

To this end the federal government has released a four-point plan to “introduce more rigorous standards in education degrees”, including a screening process, a literacy and numeracy test to ensure teachers are in the top 30per cent in terms of skills and a review of the quality of instruction provided by universities. 

This was hard on the heels of the NSW government announcement, which aims to dictate the minimum entry requirements for education students.

Students who will be admitted as teachers must achieve at least 80per cent in three year 12 subjects (band 5) including English.

Candidates will also have to pass a literacy and numeracy test specific to their subject before the end of their degree.

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* Opinion pieces represent the author’s views.