The recipients of Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Programs that Enhance Learning and the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence for Sessional Staff in 2012, will be presented with their certificates at Graduation ceremonies in April 2013.

The successful applicants in 2012:

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence – Faculty of Business and Law: 

Dr Marcus Rodrigs

Marcus Rodrigs teaches in the discipline of Accounting, with a professional enthusiasm that helps students demystify accounting and financial concepts in a lucid, practical and meaningful manner.  Marcus has synthesised his personal philosophy on education, his professional experience in industry and existing models of pedagogy, to develop a unique approach to teaching accounting.  Marcus’ innovative outcome-based approach to teaching has been well received and appreciated by students, colleagues and industry.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence – Early Career Academic: 

Dr Vivienne Chuter

Vivienne Chuter demonstrates outstanding leadership and scholarship in teaching and learning, successfully developing the curriculum for the only accelerated undergraduate Podiatry degree in Australia.  Vivienne has incorporated unique WIL opportunities in the Podiatry degree, including the establishment of the first University-run Podiatry teaching clinic integrated with a public sector service in Australia.  Vivienne is a leader in the field of Podiatric education.  Her approach to teaching and learning demonstrates an unwavering commitment to pedagogical scholarship, to the development of activities that engage and inspire students, and to maintaining excellence in her teaching.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Programs that Enhance Learning:

The Wollotuka Institute

The Wollotuka Institute’s holistic approach to providing services and programs which support Indigenous student engagement and leadership has been a major contributing factor to the University of Newcastle being a national leader in Indigenous education.  Wollotuka consolidates all Indigenous activities of the University into one operational and strategic body in order to provide high level advice and leadership to the University’s strategic priority and commitment to Indigenous Collaboration.

Wollotuka promotes positive student experience and outcomes, including a strong culturally affirming environment for students, community engagement and partnerships, and the development of graduate attributes in relation to professional, cultural and personal strengths and leadership qualities through its flagship Indigenous Success and Leadership Program.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence for Sessional Staff:

Faculty of Health:

Mrs Nicole Lubans

Nicole has made significant contributions to student learning though innovative student-centred approaches and supportive environments.  Lecturing across the disciplines, Nicole motivates and inspires students to learn in the School of Medicine and Public Health and the School of Education, specialising in Health Education Programs for Early Childhood, Primary and HPE programs.

Faculty of Education and Arts:

Dr Michael Sala

Inspired by international approaches to the study of creative writing, Dr Michael Sala has developed a collaborative learning environment to empower students as teachers of themselves and each other.  A dedicated teacher and successful practitioner, Michael motivates students with his passion for writing and education.  Through a combination of intensive, constructive feedback, stimulating material matched to the challenges of each class, and collaborative learning methods based on mutual respect and intellectual rigour, Michael enables students not only to focus on ‘the words on the page’, but to integrate the process of doing so into a broader culture of learning and teaching.

Associate Professor Shen Chen was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence – Faculty of Education and Arts, however due to overseas commitments in April 2013, he has elected to be presented with his award at the October graduation ceremonies.