In front of a live audience broadcast from the Powerhouse Museum, Professor Prasuna Reddy, Director of the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health at the University of Newcastle, took part in The Health Report’s ‘The Lifestyle Challenge’ Forum, as part of the Ultimo Science Festival.

The human mind exists in a biological body, and the brain needs a source of energy, so if you are highly stressed, aren’t you likely to crave sweets?

If you’re going to change your diet  and exercise pattern forever, you’re going to change your exercise pattern forever. How do you do this? What’s the pathway psychologically?

These kinds of changes require willpower and self-control. Well, actually we have a finite amount of willpower, and it becomes depleted as we use it. We may use some for dieting, some for exercise, some for working, some for dealing with a difficult person, or some for being social. The more energy we put into one thing, the less we will have for another.

We’d like to develop plans so that health conscious decision making behaviour becomes automatic so you can save on willpower…putting willpower in the bank, in a sense…

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