Opinion article* published in The Herald written by Professor Clare Collins at the University of Newcastle.

IT’S the year 2114 and I am hungry. What will I have for lunch?

Perhaps I will be 3D printing my lunch at my walking desk? Maybe I will choose a miracle-berry, brain-boost, frappe, zero-calorie smoothie, or pop a handful of hunger-blitz, anti-ageing phytonutrient supplements that clinical trials have proven help you live to 150.

Either way, I need to decide quickly so I can finish writing my millionth nutrition article in time for the afternoon edition of the cloud-based Newcastle Herald.

Based on current trends, in the next 100 years the food choices available to Novocastrians will become polarised. You will be able to choose between super-healthy premium foods, or very scary, unhealthy but tasty alternatives.

Some people will be savouring organic uber-foods, while others will be chowing down on mega-monster foods manufactured in factories like chemistry labs.

Some of the trends that have already started and that could be tantalising your taste buds in 100 years include designer diets tailored to your individual genes.

Your genetic profile will be assessed at birth and downloaded onto your Medicare card. This will tell you well in advance of getting sick which chronic diseases you are more likely to develop, and which foods will help avert them.

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