Opinion article* published in the Newcastle Herald, written by University of Newcastle senior lecturer in communication, Melanie James.

Professional communicators strive to get people to think in particular ways. Whether it’s a health agency promoting immunisation or a local company flogging surfboards, the underlying techniques are quite similar.

The techniques aim to engage audiences and get them to build in their minds the meanings intended for them. Those working in the business would rarely, if ever, stop to consider the impacts of their work from a feminist view.

I’m talking a broad feminist viewpoint that sees efforts aimed at achieving equality of the sexes, nothing more radical than that.

What happens when you flick on this switch? Well, you become more alert to things that are going on in your organisation that could directly or indirectly put women down. You also become more alert to whether the community is accepting of images and messages that are demeaning to women.

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*This opinion piece represents the author’s views