The Simpsons family have been sharing our lounge rooms for 26 years.

For some, hearing the television show’s opening theme song may trigger memories of races to nab the best seat in the lounge.

Now two Australian graphic artists have received a turn on the couch when their “fan art” version of the The Simpsons introduction sequence screened as the opening of episode 14, season 26, My Fare Lady.

Ivan Dixon, a University of Newcastle digital design graduate, and his Melbourne room-mate, Paul Robertson, recreated the entire introduction in pixel art.

Pixel art is a form of digital art where images are edited to replicate the old school graphics style of computer and console games.

The Simpsons’ new pixelated style was paired with an arcade-like remake of Danny Elfman’s theme song by visual artist Jeremy Dower. The retro style video was uploaded to YouTube and in less than two days had received more than 1 million views. Twelve hours after the video was uploaded, Dixon received an email from the show’s creators, asking him to call them straightaway.

The video has now surpassed 2 million views and is nearing 3 million after its American premiere in February. It airs tonight (May 13) on Channel 10′s Eleven at 8.30pm, and will be available on catch-up site, Pixels can also be viewed on YouTube.

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