Emma Beckett is a PhD Candidate in Food Science at the Human Molecular Nutrition Laboratory, School of Environmental and Life Sciences at the University of Newcastle at our Ourimbah campus. She is in Lindau, Germany, to attend the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting. 

The 65th Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting is now closed.

Our last day consisted of a boat ride to Mainau Island which is the home of the Countess Bernadotte, the patron of the meeting.

On Mainau Island we were treated to a beautiful summer picnic, and panel discussion on education in science and most importantly, we witnessed 36 Nobel Laureates signing the 2015 Mainau declaration on Climate Change, led by Australian Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt.

(The original 1955 Mainau Declaration was drawn up by German nuclear scientists Otto Hahn and Max Born who were horrified at how their work on nuclear fission was being used.)

It was an honour to be present for that moment in history. The Laureates made a call to policy makers to take immediate action on climate change.

Photo of the 2015 Mainau Declaration on Climate Change

2015 Mainau Declaration on Climate Change


The video of the declaration can be seen at http://www.mediatheque.lindau-nobel.org/videos/35468/2015-int-brian-schmidt-mainau-declaration.

We also celebrated the different cultures that have come together at this meeting from 88 countries with International Day. For this day we were encouraged to wear our national dress. I wore a dress decorates in aboriginal artwork, made by an Australian Indigenous dressmaker.

Photo of Emma and the German delegate wearing national dress

National dress on the final day


The motto of the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting is “educate, inspire, connect” and I feel all three have been achieved in my week in Lindau. I have learnt so much about science, the process of science and our roles and responsibilities as scientist- particularly, that our science does not exist in isolation, but needs to be considered in a greater social and ethical context.

I have been inspired to tackle the big scientific problems facing our world, and believe we can achieve solutions. I have connected with both Nobel Laureates, and have become part of a network of the next generation of scientists from around the world. I also now have a local network with the 12 other young scientists from Australia who took this journey with me.

Photo of the Australian delegation with the Countess Bernadotte and Australian Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt.

The Australian delegation with the Countess Bernadotte and Australian Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt.


I am so grateful to the Australian Academy of Science and The Science Industry Endowment fund for sponsoring my fellowship to attend this meeting.

After a well-earned rest day, the majority of the Australian delegation will be travelling to visit some of Germany’s leading research institutes.